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Volta Spark: One Charging Cable for 
All Your Devices

Volta Spark is the upgraded version of Volta XL –the MOST FUNDED fast charging cable in crowdfunding history!

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Limited Early Bird Perks Available - Preorder Now.

We're Live on Indiegogo! Limited Early Bird Perks Available - Preorder Now. 

Volta Spark is the Toughest, Most Durable Cable You’ll Ever Own

10X stronger than any other cable, The Volta Spark never breaks – which is why it comes with a lifetime warranty. 

Made with ultra-strong tangle-free military-grade nylon, the cable is paired with a specialized anti-fray protection tech so your Volta Spark cables stay as good as new and always charge.

The universal charging cable that powers all USB-C devices including iPhone X series and MacBook Pro. 

Supports data transfer and 100W USB C PD charging

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The Breathable, Comfortable & Stylish 
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Fast Charges Your Devices By Up To 70%

Who has the time to put their devices on charging for hours? 

Volta Spark’s 18K gold-plated copper core plug & 24 AWG copper wires, along with the Volta smart chips, guarantee a lightning-fast charge.

Volta Spark fast charging supports QC 3.0 chip and Power Delivery of up to 18W for lightning (fast charging) and micro 10W for one-sided charging.

Connecting & Disconnecting Volta Spark is a Breeze

Volta Spark has two perfectly complementary rare earth N52-Grade Neodymium ‎reversible magnets in a 360‎° orientation. This ensures the cable always delivers a powerful and stable connection – yes, always.

Connect any way you want, these perfectly aligned rare earth magnets have you covered.

Use Volta Spark Like a Champ Always

Volta Spark has two parts – the cable itself, and a small and low-profile tip that’s plugged into your device’s charging port. 

The two parts magnetically attach together and transmit both power and data. The magnetic attachment means that you won’t accidentally rip out your cord or pull your laptop or phone off your desk if you or someone trips on it – the same goes for your gaming controllers.

The cable also has a Smart LED indicator just like the one on your MacBook to tell you the charging status.

Warranty Statement and Return Policy

- Returns are FREE for all defective products and whenever a wrong item is mistakenly sent by us. All returns can easily be processed by contacting customer service through the “contact us” page.

- You will have the option to either choose to replace your items, receive a refund, or get store credit towards your next VOLTA purchase. All our products come with a 30-days money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty. 

Use One Cable for Every Device – Don’t Fumble with Multiple Wires

It’s challenging and annoying to carry multiple chargers when you have to travel for work or go on a family holiday.

More wires = more clutter = an unhappy, irritated human.

Volta Spark eliminates the need for multiple cables for different devices. Volta Spark is compatible with USB Type C powered Laptops, iPhones, and Micro USB devices.

Quickly & Easily Charge Your Devices On The Go (OTG)

Volta Spark is OTG enabled. Which means you don’t have to lug around a power bank whenever you go out. Simply use Volta Spark to share charge between your devices and always have power.

Go ahead, get rid of the power bank.

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It’s time to discard all the multiple chargers cluttering up your life

Volta Spark: One Charging Cable for All Your Devices

Volta Spark is the upgraded version of Volta XL –the MOST FUNDED fast charging cable in crowdfunding history!

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